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musicJAPANplus 年鑑計劃

Yearbook Project: 雅-miyavi-’s PSC Graduation 年鑑計劃:雅-miyavi-的PSC畢業典禮 On February 16th, 2009, 雅-miyavi- made the sudden announcement that he would graduate from PS COMPANY, baring his innermost thoughts and feelings via his blog to all fans. In order to spread this message worldwide instantaneously, musicJAPANplus re-posted the announcement in 12 languages the very same day it was made with the permission of PS COMPANY. 2009年2月16日,雅-miyavi-突然宣布他將會從PS COMPANY畢業,並經由他的blog透露出內心深處的想法及感受給所有的fans, 為了將這消息迅速地傳遍世界,musicJAPANplus在得到PS COMPANY許可的當天將那消息重新轉錄成十二種語言。 雅-miyavi- has cast aside all doubts to continue his evolution and take steps in a new direction. What can we do for him before the decision becomes reality? Our answer is this: the Yearbook Project: 雅-miyavi-’s PSC Graduation. 雅-miyavi-拋棄所有疑慮繼續他的發展並向全新的方向邁步。在他的決定成真前,我們能為他做些什麼呢? 我們的答案是:年鑑企劃:雅-miyavi-的PSC畢業典禮 For the month of March, musicJAPANplus and 雅-miyavi- will be looking back on his musical career and posting different, special articles on the varied aspects of his work each week. Here's what we have scheduled for you: 在三月,musicJAPNplus和雅-miyavi-將會回顧他在音樂方面的歷程並會發表各種特別的、對他工作以不同觀點的文章。 以下是我們的行程表 ~Week One (From March 6th) [雅-miyavi- chronology] Our original chronology of 雅-miyavi-’s career. Our official 雅-miyavi- writer will be reading through old interviews and concert reports in search of some good 雅-miyavi- stories to share. ~第一週(3月6號起) [雅-miyavi-年表] 我們原創的雅-miyavi-經歷年表。我們官方的雅-miyavi-寫手將會閱讀舊的訪談及演唱會報導以找尋一些好的雅-miyavi-故事來分享。 ~Week Two (From March 13th) [雅-miyavi- reminiscence] A photographic trip through time with 雅-miyavi-. Have a look at pictures taken throughout his 10-year affiliation with PS COMPANY, complete with his own commentary. ~第二週(3月13日起) [雅-miyavi-回憶錄] 雅-miyavi-的照片回顧。觀看他加入PS COMPANY後十年來的照片,並附帶著他的個人紀事。 ~Week Three (From March 20th) [雅-miyavi- in his own write] We are still accepting your heartfelt messages for 雅-miyavi- through miyavi@cooljapan.co.jp. Each one will be delivered to the man himself, and soon we will share a handwritten message directly from 雅-miyavi- in response to all your love. ~第三週(3月20日起) 我們依然通過電子信箱miyavi@cooljapan.co.jp接受你們給雅-miyavi-的真誠留言。每一個留言都會交給他本人,且之後我們將會分享來自雅-miyavi本人的手寫信息以回報大家的愛。 ~Week Four (From March 27th) [雅-miyavi- interview exclusive] As the project comes to a close, musicJAPANplus will publish a long interview with 雅-miyavi- in which he discusses his feelings and how he came to his decision. ~第四週(從3月27日) [雅-miyavi-的獨家訪談] 當這項計畫結束,musicJAPANplus將會發佈一則與雅-miyavi-的長篇訪談, 討論他的感受以及他是如何作出這個決定的。 But those are just what you can expect to get from us. How about what we can do together? 但這些只是你們預期能從我們這裡得到的,我們能一起做的是什麼呢? ◆We Love MYV Yearbook Message Challenge◆ ◆We Love MYV 年鑑消息挑戰◆ This is the chance for Komiyavi all over the world to sign 雅-miyavi-’s yearbook. Send us your messages for 雅-miyavi- and check out this special column to read what everyone else has to say to him. 這是個給全世界的仔雅在雅-miyavi-年鑑上署名的機會。將你們給雅-miyavi-的留言寄給我們,並看看其他人在這特別的專欄對他說了些什麼。 The “We Love MYV” column will be launched March 5th, with updates every Thursday. Messages for 雅-miyavi- via miyavi@cooljapan.co.jp until March 19th, so don’t forget to send yours. Check here for further information!! “We Love MYV”專欄將會在三月五號推出,並在每周四更新。給雅-miyavi-的留言請由miyavi@cooljapan.co.jp寄給我們,直到3月19日截止,請不要忘了你的那份。 ◆We Love MYV Banner Challenge◆ ◆We Love MYV 串聯貼紙挑戰◆ To make this yearbook complete, we need the help of Komiyavi everywhere. Standing in his tracks, musicJAPANplus is going to show how much he is loved by the musical gods and his fans all over the world alike. Let’s make a record of our celebration of his glorious departure from PS COMPANY. 為了完整這個年鑑計劃,我們需要各地的仔雅的協助。在他的軌跡下,musicJAPANplus將要展示他有多麼被音樂之神及他世界各地的fans愛戴。讓我們記錄下我們為他從PS COMPANY光榮啟程的慶祝。 musicJAPANplus is calling upon all Komiyavi to show their support for 雅-miyavi-! Seize your chance to shout out, “I want to celebrate 雅-miyavi-‘s graduation with a fantastic yearbook!” musicJAPANplus呼喚所有的仔雅來展示他們對雅-miyavi-的支持。請抓住機會大聲呼喊出「我想與這棒極了的年鑑一起為雅-miyavi-的畢業慶祝!」 If you want to show your support for this yearbook project, please take our official “We Love MYV” banner. Post it on your website, MySpace, journal and/or blog, and you can even use it as a cell-phone wallpaper! 如果你想表示對這年鑑計劃的支持,請將我們官方的”We Love MYV”串聯貼紙放在你的網頁、MySpace、日誌或是blog,甚至可用來當你的手機的桌布! We need your help to make this project a success! Let’s go, international Komiyavi, we’re waiting for your help! 為了成功完成計劃,我們需要你們的幫助! 來吧! 國際仔雅,我們等待著你們的幫助! “We Love MYV” banner 來源:musciJAPANplus official MySpace 文章來源:http://blogs.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendId=1001199162&blogId=473468754 連結貼紙語法如下: